Dynamic business environment, changing trends in the market, and changing regulatory standards are forcing healthcare payers, and providers to analyze cost trends and drivers, to keep them ahead of competitors. In addition, exponential growth of information, and unstructured and poor data quality are difficult to manage and utilize existing information.

iView BI and analytics solutions assist organizations to improve their effectiveness by using related organization-wide information to address business concerns, gain competitive advantage and improve profitability.

Our BI and analytics services, complemented with solutions around data warehousing, helps payers, providers to achieve complete business optimization. This is done by providing advance analytics solutions for managing accounts receivables, performing claims data analysis and mining, payer analytics & denial management solutions, analyzing trends around over payment, quality performance & safety, marketing strategy analysis, clinical data analysis, patient care, operational and cost management analysis, and ETL services.

Healthcare organizations need visibility into the full scope of their financial operations. BI provides complete transparency, analysis, and delivery of financial and operational data. Drill down from high level reports into detailed analyses of costs and revenues, easily view data underlying cash flow statements and compare planned versus actual income and margin. BI’s analytical capabilities allow providers to analyze current care practice patterns to identify unnecessary or under-utilized services, execute cash flow analysis, forecast collections, and monitor underwriting requirements. In addition, BI enables healthcare organizations to meet statutory reporting requirements and ensure accountability from financial analysts to business unit management, executives, and directors.