Application Development

IIS offers Oracle, Teradata, Qlikview, Java Application Development, Java Software Development, J2EE Application Development, J2ME application Development, Java Mobile Application Development, Java Enterprise Portal Development and other Java development services. We have a dedicated application development team with proficiency in for a variety of industry verticals.

Big Data and Statistical Analytics

IIS offers analytic solutions for evidence-based support in your decision making, quality care, performance management, and business intelligence (BI).  By integrating millions to trillions of records, we identify recurring patterns, build metrics and implement BI portals that achieve value, optimization and cost advantages.

Statistics in business analytics

The main objective of Business Statistics is to make conclusion (e.g., prediction, decision making) about certain characteristics of a population based on information contained in a random sample from the entire population. The condition for randomness is essential to make sure the sample is representative of the population.