Device Data Analytics

The number and types of devices that are emitting data is growing at an unprecedented rate. IIS Device Data Analytics solution enables companies to use this data to analyze and improve processes, predict trends and failure. The data can also provide insight for product development and sales teams who use the information to improve their features and increase revenues, respectively.

Customer Insight

Many companies need a way to store and analyze not only massive amounts of data but many many different types of data: documents, network traffic, and text data. With the need to provide personalized experiences that are well coordinated to engage customers in all ways they interact with a company (mobile, in store, call center, etc.), IIS Customer Insight solutions offer individual level analytics and algorithms combined with big data technical architectures that allow best in class companies to provide an intimate and meaningful experience to their customers.

Clinical Analytics

Provides critical data insights that enable companies to run their clinical programs more efficiently, delivers timely access to information, and increases productivity of both staff and sites.

  • Provides rapid visibility into clinical data from multiple source systems.
  • Enables sponsors and CROs to holistically manage all studies.
  • Delivers a rich set of pre-built reports and role-based dashboards
  • Offers detailed performance management metrics for improving processes

Claim Analytics

IIS claim analytics experts are able to offer a unique viewpoint that provides inside information for our clients. With access to both internal and external data sources, we can analyze and share intelligent insight for your overall business. Claims analytics are a powerful way for insurers to gain visibility into their cost drivers and predict the impact of their strategic and operational choices.